NOTICE:  Water shut off will begin on Saturday, October 29th.


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We would like to bring attention to a concern with many of the trees within our park.  When working with loggers this past month, we have noticed a large number of trees have been killed or are dying because of wires or ropes tied around them, essentially “choking” them.  Most of these wires/ropes are there to hold up tarps at campsites. 

We realize that many members may not know this is a problem, but we would like to address it as soon as possible. The logging of these dying trees will continue to be an ongoing (large) expense for our park for many years to come, if it is not addressed very soon.

Simple solution:  Take down all wires and ropes and replace with screw in eye hooks as soon as possible! If the bark has not been severed around the tree, it may be saved!  Save our funds for other improvements!  Let us know if you have questions!

We have had members suggest proposing an update to our bylaws to make the cutting of these trees the individual member’s responsibility/expense if trees continue to be choked off by cable or ropes.

Happy Camping!!! 


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Skagit River Woods is a place where three generations in a family have spent their summers. At "The Woods" your camping neighbors become your summertime family. 


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