Regular Board Meeting


March 5, 2017 @ 10:00am                                                                   


Board Members Present:  Ron Bradley, Jim Arbogast, Amber Rooks, Tera Boonstra, Peggy Suryan, Colleen Barlow, Jeff Willard, Diane Brown, Tammy Roberts; Caretakers: Anthony and Mandy Hale; Assistant Managers: Matt and Sarah Castello


Guests:  Laura Naegle, Bill and Jacque Josh, Jeff Boonstra, Martin Brown, Jesse and Laurie Farrens, Scott Holt, Sandra Gutierrez


  1. Meeting called to order by Amber Rooks at 10:03am
  2. Attendance: see above.
  3. Peggy read the minutes.  Motion by Colleen to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Jim. Motion Carried. 
  4. Financial report given by Diane, motion by Colleen to accept the Financial Report as read, seconded by Ron.  Motion carried. 
  5. Financial information as of:   3/4/17  - Available in the Office.            
  6. Caretakers/Manager report:
    1. Logging – working with DNR to work on which trees are end of life trees and which ones have root rot issues. Permit was approved, 2 days later logger started – working hard to get the trees out. Loggers are making sure that if a tree can stay up it does.  Had to move a few campers to be sure they were safe, will be moved back after logging.  Almost done with phase 2 logging, then will go into phase 1 to remove some trees that are dead.  Looking at being done within the week.  Concern with having so many branches, may need to burn in phases.
    2. Concerned that there may be more than one type of root rot to deal with in the park.  DNR was meeting with Anthony while today’s meeting was going on.  Concentrating on dead trees this year, not removing live trees.
    3. Working on training new volunteer campers, going well.
    4. Finishing up the wood from last year. All wood that was from contests has been delivered.
    5. Will need to discuss security before next year – have caught people stealing, left things in the woods when caught. It is items being left out and some sheds have been broken into. Working with a member who has security back ground, will be walking the fence and come up with recommendations.  Increased driving around the park at different times. 

Question from Jeff Willard, have we been in contact with the Park Rangers at Razer State Park – encouraged this. 


  1. Old Business:
    1. Club House 1st floor bathroom – convert to handicapped accessible: waiting on two other bids. Will take a vote by general membership to approve.
    2. Logging Update: covered in manager’s report
    3. Budget committee: Book keeper is working on getting the numbers.
    4. Update on bi-laws: everything is typed up, will be meeting as a committee and then meet with the board in preparation for presenting to the General Membership Meeting.


  1. Guest Speaker:
    1. DNR visitors, Dan Omdahl and Boyd Norton.  Dan’s history is working with a lot of state parks, in keeping their forests safe.  Skagit River Woods currently has 3 types of root rot, safety is an issue with campers who camp in an area with lots of root rot.  Many factors contribute to the root rot spreading … the hot dry weather of the last couple of summers, compressed soil, very dense forest (crowding).  Dan’s expectation is that we would have even more trees dying and/or falling over because of the root diseases, there is nothing left to hold the tree up.  A healthy looking  tree is often not a good indicator of the root health.
    2. There is also evidence of bark beetles in the park. As douglas fir trees continue to have root issues, it is more difficult for the tree to protect itself against the beetles.   Would help the forest to have some thinning done.  The managers and board will continue to work with DNR to protect Skagit River Woods.  The question was asked, what do you recommend for the park.  Dan stated, “if this was a state park, it would be shut down”.  He also said it sounds like our park is taking the right steps to help protect the forest, we are going slow – we should look at speeding up the removal of dead trees.  Although the DNR has helped us this year – the park will need to hire an outside arborist moving forward.  Being a Forrest Steward does give us a visit once a year for help. 
    3. The park may need to look at having a Tree Committee to have some consistent forest stewardship, Ron Monroe is a Forrest Manager – lives at Crystal Lake. 
    4. Question was asked about looking for grants to help offset the cost of some of this, as private land owners and the size of our park makes it so that we don’t qualify for most.
    5. Bottom line, remove the trees that are dead aggressively, plant trees that are immune to this fungus.
    6. Our biggest issue will be communication with everyone, getting everyone on board that these steps need to be taken to protect the future of our park.


  1. New Business:
    1. Fun Days: Jacque shared that there are lots of past volunteers, doing a bbq again with a potluck. Have some good ideas brewing, games and activities – kid prizes are available.  Looking for other raffle prizes.  Fun days will take place the first weekend in August.  Looking for donation of firewood from the camp.
    2. Club cameras – will be discussed with managers and come up with a plan.


  1. Good of the club:
    1. Think about adding honey bees –


  1. Committee Report: none
  2. Next meeting will be Sunday, April 9 at 10:00am.
  3. Colleen made a motion to end the meeting, Jim seconded. Motion carried.


Peggy Suryan


Tera Boonstra