Regular Board Meeting

June 25, 2017 @ 10:00am                                                                   

Board Members Present:  Ron Bradley, Amber Rooks, Tera Boonstra, Peggy Suryan, Diane Brown

Excused: Jeff Willard, Colleen Barlow, Tammy Roberts

Guests: Jim Arbogast, Megan and Dan Callaghan, Danny and Laurie Elmore

1.  Meeting called to order by Amber Rooks at 10:07am, reminder to sign in. 

2.  Attendance: see above.

3.  Peggy read the minutes.  Motion by Ron to accept the minutes as read, with one minor change, seconded by Diane. Motion Carried. 

4.  Financial report given by Diane, motion by Ron to accept the Financial Report as read, seconded by Peggy.  Motion carried.

Financial information as of:   6/24/17:  Available in office

5.  Caretakers/Manager report:

  1. A lot of training happening this month, a weekly report will start next month.
  2. Bathrooms are cleaned and opened, with the exception of bathroom 10 – which is being worked on. Urinal in bathroom 4 will be replaced.
  3. Clubhouse cleaned, mopped and vaccummed.
  4. Meadow mowed.
  5. Entrance gate power washed.
  6. Entrance area cleaned and weed eated.
  7. Aluminum cans collected, will be turned in.
  8. Dump day collected and house cleaned out – ¾ of a ton taken to the dump.
  9. Weeded and clipped garden area in front of office.
  10. Weeded and trimmed ferns at flag pole area.
  11. Removed and replaced toilet at pool house.
  12. Chainsaw/leaf blower maintenance by Woods Logging in Sedro Woolley.
  13. Cleaned garbage from side of clubhouse.
  14. Cleaned up C16 S6 – loggers mess.
  15. Worked on potholes, will need to repeat.
  16. Dealt with unattended fire and complaints.
  17. All doggy dump stations emptied.
  18. All brush piles in park (circles) picked up (except for big pile by bathroom 8, which will need tractor to help move logs to get to).
  19. Cleaned at fence line outside by Skagit River Woods sign.
  20. Dugout sewer line to find septic tank #10.
  21. Worked on locating septic tanks (bathrooms in park) to see if they need pumped. Found old septic tank at clubhouse, lid to tank is extremely dangerous and needs to be replaced.
  22. Clipped bushes off stairs to clubhouse.
  23. Replaced old sanitary napkin holders with new ones.
  24. Worked on pop machine – will be operational soon.
  25. Cleaned washing machines and sanitized laundry room.
  26. Spread gravel at front office and road to club house.
  27. Organized basement of resident house and removed old garbage.
  28. Picked up chemicals for pool.
  29. Washed and cleaned small work truck.
  30. Picked up toilet and other items needed for repairs and maintenance in park.

 6.  Old Business:

  1. Arbor Day: 5 volunteers to help plant the trees, plus a few members came to get trees for their sites. Ended up planting a nursery,
  2. Assistant Managers: had a gentleman call about doing maintenance, have not heard back from him.
  3. Pool Lighting: Jeff Boonstra will reach out to Danny to get a time scheduled to work on getting the wired pulled.
  4. Financial Audit: Tera spoke to one accounting person, asking about financial audit. For a non puplic park the size of SRW, one thought would be to have a committee meet with the book keeper to review the books, if there is a discrepancy or questions – then entertain paying for an audit.

 7.  New Business:


  1. Wood piles: can a notice be posted at bathrooms that woodpiles are available to members or to get with managers?
  2. Receipt from Tera for pins from Skagit Farms for box scrapper, Ron made motion to approve, seconded by Peggy. Motion carried.
  3. Propane heater in the clubhouse was not working correctly, thinking it was the regulator. The propane company was great to work with and said the house furnace looks good.
  4. The candy and pop machine have been unplugged for a while. Danny has been working on them. Hoping to have them restocked and running soon, get them running before purchasing anything
  5. Golf cart – what to do with the old one? The Browns are willing to take it away at no cost to the club, Tera put this in the form of a motion, Peggy seconded. Motion carried.
  6. Cameras – need recording of the pool area and club house. Laurie has a contact that can help with recommendations on this. Will bring this information to the next meeting.
  7. Cement stairs for clubhouse – deicing in the winter, must have sodium in it. In the winter, block stairs rather than de-ice them. Look at replacing the ones that have begun to deteriorate. Dan Callaghan has some of the steps that he is willing to donate, he can get them up here –
  8. Septic Repair: have some tanks that need to be pumped. Do we have a company that we recommend? Danny and Laurie will call Gateway to the ones that have to be pumped done, and then get recommendations on the other areas.
  9. Weeds: burnout is not working as well as hoped, may need to look at something else.
  10. Dump day: last two times have only had a few participants. May want to look into this in the future.
  11. Sites: borders, how to determine site borders? A couple board members will go out with Danny.


Committee Reports:

  1. By-law Committee: no representative, when will change request be mailed out?
  2. Fun Days Committee: no representative
  3. Logging Committee: sent a request for recommendations in hiring an arborist


Next Meeting: July 9th – 10:00am in Clubhouse