Regular Board Meeting

April 9, 2016 @ 10:00am                                                                   

Board Members Present:  Ron Bradley, Jim Arbogast, Amber Rooks, Tera Boonstra, Peggy Suryan, Colleen Barlow, Diane Brown, Tammy Roberts; Caretakers: Anthony and Mandy Hale

Excused: Jeff Willard

Guests:  Tony and Desi Trial, Bill and Jacque Josh, Stacey Baisch, Andrea Denton LaRue, Michael Rooks, Sara Willard, Greg Naegle, Megan and Dan Callaghan, Laura Naegle, Don Tomlin, Scott Holt, Sandra Gutierrez, Jeff Boonstra, Danny Hendrickson, Barry Gardner, Michael Batchelor, Frank Batchelor, Michael and Shonie Shanes, Kathie Ricks, Ryan Gallgher, Robert Voorhies, Todd and Carol Snyder, JoAnne Landell, Chris Smith, Wayne Dowhanick, Chris Schaeffer

      1. Meeting called to order by Amber Rooks at 10:00am, introductions.
      2. Attendance: see above.
      3. Peggy read the minutes.  Motion by Colleen to accept the minutes as read, with 2 minor adjustments, seconded by Jim. Motion Carried. 
      4. Financial report given by Diane, motion by Ron to accept the Financial Report as read, seconded by Colleen.  Motion carried.
      5. Financial information as of:   4/7/17 - available at the office
      6. Caretakers/Manager report:
        1. Continuing clean-up and repairing roads from logging impact. Weather is not helping, still very wet.
        2. Turning on water and opening bathrooms, one circle at a time. Have found several repairs that need to be done. Even with properly draining the system, this winder has been harsh on the pipes.
        3. Taking inventory of which faucets were broken during logging, we will get those replaced as soon as we can.
        4. Fence on the front corner of the pool was blown over during heavy winds, this has been repaired.
        5. Preparing for ungrading the lights around the pool, received the last of the lights ordered and permit has been obtained. Will start installation next week.
        6. Stocked supplies for the summer.
        7. Cap has been installed on the club house chimney to prevent chimney swifts from nesting there.
        8. Finished staining picnic tables, one of them may be beyond repair.
        9. Put up new no trespassing signs on the outside of the gate, old ones were rotting.
        10. Continue to train assistant helpers on pool, getting ready for them to take certification test.
        11. General office and maintenance work.
        12. Wood left in Phase 1 areas, if it is in your campsite – you can have it. If it is in the circle, please share. If you don’t want the wood, let the managers know.
      7. Old Business: 
        1. Clubhouse 1st floor – only have one bid. Looking at making the basement bathroom a family restroom, plus additional shower. Will need to go to the general membership for approval.
        2. Logging Update: Ron shared that we are working very hard at getting the roads open, the weather has not helped. Continuing to move forward, this is not the way any of us anticipated the logging turning out. We will have more to do, in a better more controlled manner. The root rot impacts the firs, hemlocks, spruce and maples. Will still have large amount of logging to do. Have purchased some western red cedars to put into the logging area. Some of the major reasons we are having this issue is the dryness of the last few years, and then so much rain. Ivy choking trees, so much ground cover (gravel) compacts the roots and doesn’t help. In the past the idea of thinning trees has been brought up, many tried to thin as little as possible. Kind of a mess this year, would like a plan to move ahead in a more methodical method. Over the winter many trees came down on their own. DNR has approached the Woods to use our park as a teaching site, to help teach people about the end of life, root rot trees. Once a tree gets root rot, you can’t put something on it to stop it – the tree has to come down.
          1. Will put a form up on the web site, so impacted members can complete it and turn it in – then the board can make address concerns.
          2. Facebook – will it be open again? Concerns shared that it can quickly become negative.
          3. Member Statements Regarding Logging:
            1. Devastating to see what is left, what can we do as a club to help put this sites back to being usable. We can do this together –
            2. There is a timber tax that is paid – is it his license on the application or ours? NW loggers will have a record of how many logs were brought in.
            3. Concerns about dead trees that were marked and left in phase 2.
            4. How will the next phase of logging be more controlled – looking at hiring an arborist. The approach will be to get advice, and do a circle at a time so that the length the park being closed can be better controlled. The board wants people to bid, some approached us after we had already committed to another logger.
            5. Board is a board of volunteers – that was never the intent of the board. These are volunteers, never intentional to have the impact on the park the way it is. They are hurt also. Facebook should be shut down, only the web site as a source of information. If you are so angry that you feel the board isn’t doing their job, please consider running for a position on the board.
            6. Managers spoke up – don’t feel safe in the park anymore, or in their home.
            7. Member on the board for 5 years, the board takes a lot of heat. Would like to put an arborist in touch with the board to help out – will be a charge for this (master arborist, one of 12 in Washington State).
            8. Will there be a chance for others to place a bid if they want to help with future logging?
            9. Can we donate cash to help offset the expense of repairs to the damaged lots?
            10. If people are looking at sites that are for sale, forwarn them that it may not look this in the future.
            11. What is the plan to access sites – trying really hard to get the roads ready for people to use them. Weather is still impacting this project. Looking at getting some extra help to support the project.
            12. To speed up the healing of the road, get ditching on sides done – to drain the water. There is really nowhere for the water to go right now.
            13. How can we get people in here to help – executive meeting discussed this morning about getting someone in to help repair the roads.
            14. Thank you to the board, they recognized the mess. It’s what you do to address the info after the crap.   Creating a logging committee to help with this, could help with managing the project. Setting up a retainer, hold it back until we are satisfied with the work.
            15. Is it possible to go after the logger who did the project? The board is looking into this option. Suing him would not do us any good – it would cost us more than we would ever get back. Did we look at what he was taking to market, compared to what it would of cost us to have it logged. How many tree loads of logs went out of here? (Mark Ferrero at Northwest hardwood.)
            16. What was spent so far, nothing for logging – around $4,300 for clean up so far.
            17. The loggers went in the back area with a lack of respect – we’re passionate about our lots.
            18. Going forward, needs to managed better.
            19. Any idea of how many more trees will have to come down – probably the majority of the firs and hemlocks need to come down.
            20. What is the status of dilapidated trailers – will be contacting them again. If the members don’t cooperate, it is difficult to get them to act if they don’t want to. We will keep hammering on the members with these trailers identified. Can the bi-laws be adjusted to help address this issue?
            21. The weather was huge in this ugliness, not all of it – but the water has a huge impact on this project.
            22. Can we get copies of the DNR report and 5 year plan – the DNR has not provided a report in writing. The stewardship plan is available in the office.
            23. All the green belt is gone, they rolled over everything. Decimated any type of green belt. Was there accountability to what was being done? We hire managers to help manage our park – it feels like there was no oversite.
            24. In the next phase of logging – need to be more thoughtful on what is taken. Take it slower –get the most dangerous out of the way.
            25. Terrified of what will happen next, will my lot be worthless?Remember, when the pool stopped working – we rallied together to get it fixed. Let’s put a committee together, get some of the pressure off the board.
            26. Did the board ask for references, yes – of course the board did. This guy came in and did not do what was expected by the board.
            27. We appreciate the board – don’t hire this logger again!
            28. Was there an actual formalized contract? Yes, but not with a lot of details in it. Tag the trees so members will know which trees will be gone. Contract needs to be better!
            29. Beautiful place to camp, tree or no tree.
            30. Need to protect Anthony and Mandy, they need to feel safe in the park.Is it possible to lot swap? If a member won’t be camping and a member from the impacted area wants to work in their lot, they could camp on someone else’s lot?
            31. Will put a list on the web site on what can be planted.
            32. If you close the Facebook Group – another venue will open, maybe look at opening a page instead of a group. Would it be possible to have an email for admin, and then an email blast could go out. Could the web site have the notices moved to their own page within the site.  
            33. Is there a budget for the Phase 2 logging – there is a standing $6,000 per year. Need a better plan and budget proposal.
            34. Is it an option to have the trees on a lot identified, and then the site owner pay to have it done?
            35. Look into the club buying an excavator to help out the managers. Or talk to consumer rental/birch about renting one.
            36. Need to document this, lessons learned. How do we make the people affected whole again?
            37. If people had permission to take down a tree – they can get an extension.
            38. Bill Josh will start the logging committee.
            39. Will be putting logs in the parking lot by the club.
            40. Root rot lives in the soil – wear a dedicated pair of boots so you don’t take it home with you.
            41. Do we want the maples to come back, or cut them off? Cut them off.
    1. Budget: working on putting together a committee, if you are interested – please email the board. Working on numbers.


  1. Guest Speaker: none


  1. New Business:


    1. First weekend in May – two, days with both days will be dedicated to clean up. Lunch will be provided for people who help, Saturday will be provided by Tera and Sunday will be provided by Peggy.
    2. Have another dump day for items.
    3. Put up signs to be cautious, two way traffic may be happening as people try to get to their lots.
    4. Lights for bathrooms: needs to be brought up at the general meeting.
  1. Good of the club:
  2. Committee Report:
    1. Bi-law Committee: changes have been given to the board, they have not had a chance to review these. These bi-laws have been worked on all winter long. Can present it at the May meeting, then vote in September.
    2. Fun Days Committee: nothing new to share, anticipate another fun time.


  1. Next meeting will be Saturday, May 27 at 10:00am, with General Meeting at 1:00pm.
  2. Colleen made a motion to end the meeting, Jim seconded. Motion carried.


Peggy Suryan


Tera Boonstra