To the Members of Skagit River Woods

Last night, April 13th, 2017 Mandy and Anthony Hale chose to leave our Employment. Their notification to the board was through an email to our Bookkeeper last evening. Our search for new caretaker/Managers will be in the very near future.

Water is on in many circles and we are going to continue to get them all on as soon as possible. The restrooms in the Lodge are open and some restrooms throughout the park. Again with the help of volunteers, get them all open as soon as we can.

One of our members who works in road construction met with Amber and Ron today. The goal was to come up with a definitive plan to get the road and circles effected by the logging, accessible for members as soon as possible.Since we have had a few days without the heavy rain, those roads have firmed up some. He will be providing an estimate as to what the cost would be to fix these roads. 

At the April 9, 2017 Board Meeting, the board tried to address questions and concerns surrounding the logging this year. One question that came up was how much the logger received for the logs he sold.  The short answer is a little less than $50,000, that was gross revenue, not profit. Good or Bad, the agreement was for the logger to drop the trees and clean up in exchange for the trees. The Board does feel they were misled, because we were told that most of these trees would only be good for firewood sale. 

We have recently been told that members have been contacted by phone and are being notified that there is a Board meeting tomorrow (4/15) These members were also told that their lot dues are past due and the Board will be selling their lot. This is NOT a call from the board. Members are notified of being past due by post card not a phone call.  The next Board meeting is scheduled for May 27th, at 10:00 followed by the General Meeting at 1:00 pm.

We will update as soon as we can.

---SRW Board of Directors