Regular Board Meeting

May 27, 2017 @ 10:00am                                                                    

Board Members Present:  Ron Bradley, Jim Arbogast, Amber Rooks, Tera Boonstra, Peggy Suryan, Colleen Barlow, Jeff Willard, Diane Brown, Tammy Roberts

Guests: Laura Naegle, Keith Dickson, Roy Berry, Sara Willard, Zita (Sampson) Grey, Jeff Boonstra, Chris Smith, Megan and Dan Callaghan, Bill Josh, Patty Anderson, G. Kass.Lent, J Lord, Kelly and Greg Naegle, Jeremy Renfrow, Jacque Josh, Womack, Pete Fredin, Judd Mathidson, Danny and Laurie Elmore 

  1. Meeting called to order by Amber Rooks at 10:00am, introductions.
  2. Attendance: see above.
  3. Peggy read the minutes.  Motion by Colleen to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Jim. Motion Carried. 
  4. Financial report given by Diane, motion by Ron to accept the Financial Report as read, seconded by Colleen.  Motion carried.
  5. Financial information available in the office   
  6. Caretakers/Manager report - No caretakers/manager
  7. Danny and Laurie Elmore accepted have accepted the caretakers position, will be started next Friday.
  8. Water turn on was an issue – thank you to volunteers for helping get things going. In the future if a call goes out for volunteers, people are willing to come and help. Hired a plumber to get the pool house going.
  9. Exit gate was not working, had repairs done – is working now. 
  10. Logging/Roads:
    1. Done for this season, unless there is a safety issue. Would have to come up from members. There is still more that will need to be done. Would recommend starting earlier, stay in the drier weather. Of course would get more bids –
    2. Road update, April 30th Special Meeting was for the road work. Went with Mike and Morris. They finished the work yesterday – they came in under $11,000.
    3. Looking at purchasing a box scraper with tines to help maintain our roads.
    4. Bill Josh will be in charge of the logging Committee – he has asked for information, the board has been overwhelmed with other items and has not gotten the items requested to him yet.
    5. Questions about logging – rumors about truckload of cedars that went out that cannot be traced. The board is unaware of this, and is unable to comment.
  11. Work Days: About 30 volunteers –
  12. Budget: Sylvia will bring to General Meeting
  13. Pool Lighting: Have permit and materials, do we have someone who has the skills and is willing to do this?  Jeff Boonstra is willing to pull the wire,  the conduit is there.  Jeff will work with Danny.
  14. New Business:
    1. Pool House: While plumber was there we took the opportunity to upgrade to peks.
    2. Damage to playground Equipment: someone had removed three boards from the platform, this could have caused a dangerous situation. Thank you to the Brown’s for noticing and fixing.
    3. Arbor Day: We have over 200 bare root trees, meeting at the garage at 9:00am. All recommended from the DNR – will be planted 10-15 apart. There will be extra trees for camper impacted by the logging.
    4. Pool: up and running at this time.
    5. New Managers: introduction of Danny and Laurie Elmore.
    6. Assistant Managers: Danny and Laurie will help with this.
    7. Garbage dumped by rounds: board didn’t realize this was pre-arranged. Put there until dump days.
    8. Fees for web site and newsletter: $166.80 and $43.41 for newsletter paid by Tera Boonstra, requesting reimbursement. Motion by Ron to approve, Seconded by Colleen, approved.
  15. Committee Reports:
    1. By-law Committee: Been working since last fall, lots of changes – will mail out.
    2. Fun Days Committee: Many fun ideas – will be themed, looking for volunteers. Send Jacque a message if interested in helping.
  16. Next Meeting: June 25th – 10:00am in Clubhouse